Friday, October 15, 2010

Farm to Table restaurants...everyone's doin' it!

Like I have mentioned before, Denver and Boulder are really progressive about the farm to table movement, especially in their restaurants.

The bar at Salt Bistro
Recently, I went to a delicious, fairly new restaurant called Salt in Boulder that prides itself in its use of local farm ingredients from the Boulder area.  The restaurant is situated in the old "Tom's Tavern" location.  And was it oh so good!

To start we had a yummy warm flat bread with peaches, melted gorgonzola cheese, and prosciutto with a light dressed salad on top.  The sweetness of the peaches with the saltiness of the prosciutto and bite of the cheese was such a nice combination.

For an entree we had sweet corn and shiitake risotto with steak on top, which was their lunch special.  It was super creamy with large bits of shiitake and sweet corn just as promised, and the steak was cooked and seasoned to perfection.  Overall a great meal.  The ambiance of the place is really cool too; exposed brick, open kitchen, and most of the interior is made from recycled and re-used materials keeping with their focus on sustainability.  I highly recommend Salt for a great meal or just a cool place for a drink.

Some other restaurants in the Denver/ Boulder area that focus on farm to table cuisine...

True Farm to Table...eating a delicious meal using
  farm ingredients right in the farm fields!
Shazz Cafe and Bar
Root Down
Z Cuisine
Fuel Cafe

Black Cat
Cafe Aion
The Kitchen

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  1. Hey Jenna,

    Another great blog! Im gonna have to check out our way for more restaurants like that.

    We can't wait til you come back out here...the organic farm down the street from us that raises cows, chickens and pigs is the coolest place. We swung by the other day and met the owner and got a tour of the farm...I must say, all of the animals looked sooo happy! We ordered a bunch of meat to stock up for the winter, and we are looking to start volunteering there a few times a month.

    See you soon,