Monday, August 27, 2012

homeopathic remedies: stroke prevention and acid reflux.

Yesterday on my flight from Hong Kong I sat next to a wonderful man from India.  He was one of those people who exuded peace, patience, and kindness.  The type of person that makes you reflect on your own actions and attitudes.  

He told me about growing up in a small town in India and how his parents believed in an Ayurvedic way of living and in homeopathic healing.  He swore by the following two remedies, one for acid reflux and one for stroke prevention and heart health.

To eliminate heart burn:

In the mornings, fry one spoonful of cumin seeds and one spoonful of cilantro seeds until they are light brown to medium brown.  Make a powder out of it and put a touch of salt for taste.  Mix it up with a little rice to form a little rice ball and eat two every morning.

eat everyday if possible.

*If you can’t get to a stove when traveling, etc. take Carbo Veg- 30x available at natural grocers.  It is homeopathic medicine that is to be take 30 mins before or after eating.  

Also- you should never drink water while you eat.  Wait 30 mins after you eat and stop drinking water 30 mins before you eat.  Also drink room temp water.

For stroke prevention and heart health:

1 cup apple cider vinegar
1c ginger juice
1c garlic juice
1c lemon juice

Boil all together until it condenses to 3 cups then add 1 cup of honey.

one tablespoon each day.

Ayurvedic and homeopathic medicine is aimed at fixing the issue of the problem naturally, instead of putting a "band-aid" on the symptom.  It is the oldest medical system in the world, and always a great first option when ailments arise.  Here's to our health!

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