Friday, April 2, 2010

Get OFF the bottle..."Tapped" the movie

There is a new and amazing documentary out about the detrimental effects of the bottled water industry to our health and to our environment.  This movie is called Tapped and after watching this film once, I promise you will never pick up bottled water again.  If you think about the logic behind bottled water... well there is no logic behind bottled water.  These mega companies take water from our community water sources (aka where we get our tap water), bottle it, and sell it back to us for 1000%...yes i said 1000% more than its original cost.  So we are now paying for something that we have always had for virtually free... sounds pretty stupid on our part.

You may think that bottled water is healthier for you but that means one thing...the water companies' billions of dollars spent on marketing to you is working.  Tap water is constantly tested and the public water systems are required to tell consumers where their water comes from, how it is treated, and what contaminants it contains.  Bottled water doesn't have to tell us any of this.  Studies have found E. coli, synthetic organic chemicals, other bacteria, and ARSENIC in tested bottled water!  Not to mention the BPA and other cancer-causing toxins.  Bad for our budget and really bad for our health.

And bad for the environment.  So now we not only have started paying for something that we already get for free, but also have ruined our environment by doing so.  Americans use 29 billion single serve bottles of water a year.  That's Americans alone!  So not only is there a plastic mass 2x the size of Texas floating in the Pacific Ocean from all of this plastic waste but the creation of these billions of bottles are polluting the environment and making the people in the communities near these plants very sick.

So what do we do?

1)  Well we STOP drinking bottled water.  Those great re-usable stainless steel water bottles are so convenient and cute.  They will save you money, save the environment, and save your health.  Make sure to get ones that are BPA free though.

2)  Recycling is great but reducing your usage is better..  You can't recycle all of the bottle, it a costly operation, and it uses a ton of energy.  The real answer is to cut waaaayyyy back on your plastic usage.  Remember the saying reduce, re-use, recycle? Reduce and re-use first and then recycle everything else.

3)  Get a filter.  If you are worried about the quality of your tap water get a basic water filter to fit into your fridge.  Or better yet invest in a kitchen filtration system or whole house water filtration system.

Bottom line...Get OFF the BOTTLE!

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  1. Great post Jenna, I totally agree. It's great that you are highlighting this!