Thursday, November 4, 2010

Amaranth...its whats for breakfast

Did you know that reheating oats causes them to lose much of their nutritional value?  I had no idea- I do it allll the time!  Recently a friend studying nutrion told me about this.  She also told me how she likes to eat amaranth as her breakfast grain, instead of the typical oats that you think of when you think "hot breakfast".  Researching amaranth a bit more I realized that this tiny little grain is actually an ancient grain of the Aztecs loaded with nutrients like calcium (2x as much as cows milk!), vit. B, vit. E, and a ton of fiber.  It is also super high in protein and good fat which means it keeps you full utill lunch. 

I like to eat it for breakfast mixed with a scoop of almond butter, some nuts, and a little raw honey.  You can also add cinamon to make it a cozy winter breakfast!  It is best when soaked over night in water, maybe even with a bit of lemon juice.  I never do that but I don't mind my breakfast porrige being a little crunchy. 

Then cook as you would oats... 

1)  0.5 cups amaranth with 1.5 cups water (or part water part milk, almond milk, etc.) and a little salt and butter.

2)  Bring to a boil and then reduce heat and cook for 30 mins-ish or until water has been absorbed.

3)  Once cooked add your toppings.  Homeade yogurt is a delicious mix-in as well.

There are a million other ways to cook amarath and its delicious at any meal.  I encourage you to step away from your old faithful oatmeal or toast and get creative (and nutritious) with breakfast!

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