Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The New (and cheap) Vacation Home.

Rolling Huts
Methow Valley, Washington
Every weekend in the winter, as I sit in bumper to bumper traffic on I-70 on my way up to the ski mountains, I dream of the day that I can own a home in the mountains.

A day when I can head up to my mountain cabin on Friday nights after work (sans traffic), cozy up by a fire after a long day of skiing, host family get-togethers on the holidays, and over-serve myself at apres ski in the local ski town pub without worrying about the drive down the hill.

Well after some research, that dream may not be as impossible as it seems.  With a new focus on sustainable, energy friendly, minimalists living, a new revolution has been catching fire.  The Tiny House revolution.

People are realizing that will good design, earth friendly materials, efficient organization, and a little ingenuity, we Americans don't need as much space as we think...  And guess what?  Not only do these small houses leave a much smaller environmental footprint, they are guessed!

Many of these prefab houses are simply luxurious and RVs, which get taxed as personal property like a car.  My favorite company right now is Wheel Haus out of Jackson Hole, WY.  I have stayed in one of these and they are functional and beautiful at the same time.

So hunt on tiny house hunters.  And hopefully we all will be vacationing in our (tiny and cheap) mountain homes very soon!

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  1. I really love the idea of owning my own mini mansion. It’s great for people who have trouble leaving the comforts of their home when they go on extended trips or vacations. You can even use it as an extension of your own home, should you not choose to set it up like an RV and such. So many possibilities to explore!


  2. While others prefer to have big houses, others might own smaller ones. Their preference depends upon the size of their family, their furniture, and importantly, their budget. Whether it's big or small, your house should be the best dwelling place for you and your family. Well, those houses are lovely! :)

    Kevin Fritz @ IronPointMortgage