Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Breastfeeding is hard.

No one says being a mama is easy.  At least no mama has ever said it.   40+ weeks of being pregnant, 20ish hours of labor, months of no sleep and thoughts of "I have absolutely no idea what I am doing".  Mamas are nothing short of superheroes.
After all this hard work and dedication, it just seems unfair that breastfeeding would be hard.  But it least it can be.

There are a million variables in BFing- positioning, food sensitivities, tongue name it.   Sometimes it feels like a never-ending uphill battle.  But eventually it gets easier.  You and your babe start to figure each other out.  And after much frustration and hard work, things start to click.

But know that you don't have to do it alone.  There are amazing resources and support groups to help mamas with all kinds of breastfeeding challenges.  Look for local breastfeeding groups and classes at prenatal yoga studios.  The LLL (La Leche League) also offers great local support groups.  And never underestimate the magical powers of a great Lactation Consultant!

And know that you are not alone.  Almost every BFing mama has to overcome one thing or another (or a bunch of things!).  Hang in there, keep the faith, and get support.  You are doing great mama!

Read this article for a funny and helpful read about breastfeeding:

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